Masterful Communications - Sparkling Conversation

NEXT LIVE WORKSHOP:   November  19, 2018

Event Location: Richmond, BC, Canada

Are you shy?

Do you try to avoid conversations that will make you feel uncomfortable?


Come join us for a fun evening of learning how to create sparkling conversations that lead to authentic connection and dialogue. This interactive workshop will help you build confidence in using your voice and your body when you're in conversation.

Do you want

  • powerful, effective relationships?

  • an increased sense of self worth?

  • a harmonious environment?

  • to create a positive and lasting impression?

  • to associate with people you admire?

  • to maximize your earnings potential?

Come learn how to

  • become a people magnet!!

  • skyrocket your confidence and self-assurance!!

  • powerhouse your credibility and persuasiveness!!

  • speak up to earn the money you want!!

  • increase your circle of influence!!

  • become an inspiration to yourself and others!!

General Admission Tickets: COMPLIMENTARY