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Connect Talk

  • Speaking Up/Networking

  • Personality Types

  • The Gender Gap

  • Body Language

Heart Talk

  • Dating

  • Intimate Conversations

  • Conversations About Aging

  • Family Dynamics


"I feel she has a lot of compassion and knowledge on the topic of communication and the art of public speaking. I learned a lot.” - Jan Tse

"Working with Veronica has been a delightful and transformative experience.  Veronica is a very gifted voice coach and her tailored approach has helped me find more connection and resonance with my voice.  I found her methods very illuminating; each session was tailored specifically to my individual needs and objectives.  Veronica's coaching sessions are invaluable and essential for anyone preparing for public appearance.  It was empowering to see how much I improved in just six sessions with Veronica!  I could not be more pleased with the transformation and I would highly    recommend Veronica!” - Karen Chan